Born out of a passion for refined environment and style living, AVONTURE INTERIORS exists for the simple aim of offering some truly qualified interior design consultancy. Quite known for his classicism as natural predisposition and a love of symmetry, its founder Guillaume Avonture demonstrates a certain dichotomised character between modernity and historical references. It is so with a balanced understanding that he humbly constitutes himself the sensitive interpreter of his client’s desires – or rather, dreams – and puts his instinctive vocation to find harmony in contrast of sobriety and luxury.

As pictured in the few here-attached photographs, Guillaume Avonture initially specialised in decorative painting, has since extended his talent and professional activity to the broad spectre of interior decoration.

By undertaking either renovation works or new projects designing, he also provides his valued clients with finely selected products such as fabrics and furniture, accessories, lighting … Likewise, his most capable team of collaborators ensures the implementation of all specific works, with the same reliable spirit and motivation.

With a notorious professionalism and commitment to quality, AVONTURE INTERIORS’ goal is to bring to its clients the excellence of interior decoration “à la Française” reminiscent of elegance and finesse. Yet, experience, creativity and cultural heritage allow Guillaume Avonture to take on and elaborate varied design schemes for truly exclusive projects.

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